About Aurora

Aurora is a youth-led organization with the goal of getting the Swedish state to act against climate change.

Aurora's objective is to defend children's and young people's legal rights to a good environment, life, health, and development. This is done by preparing and pursuing a legal case against the Swedish state for its inadequate and counterproductive climate policy. Aurora is politically, ideologically, and religiously independent.

The climate crisis must be treated as the crisis it is.

Legal work

The legal work is a collaboration between our representative Anna Rogalska Hedlund, Miljöjuristerna, an association that provides free legal advice to the environmental and climate justice movement, and other experienced legal advisors. Read more and access legal documents here!

Similar lawsuits have been won abroad. In the Netherlands, France and Germany, for example, activists have sued the state for insufficient climate action - and won. Read more at https://climate-laws.org/litigation_cases


The global climate science is clear, we are living in a climate crisis, and action is needed now to stop global warming. Sweden's climate action is far from sufficient to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. Aurora is advised by a large group of climate scientists with a wide range of expertise, who ensure that Aurora's legal process rests on a strong scientific basis. Read more about this scientific basis here!


Aurora is a non-profit organisation. Membership is granted after participation in one open meeting, digital zoom calls that take place every other Sunday. Aurora also has a board, elected by the annual meeting, with the mandate to decide on most matters. The board consists of nine young climate activists, read more here!

Some of Aurora's work takes place in different working groups, for example on funding, social media and press management. These working groups receive their mandates from Aurora's open meetings and the Board. All members and working groups are expected to work according to the statutes voted by the annual meeting.

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